Production of new products of Rezvan animal food by the names of R1ten & R2ten

Introduction of  concentrates 10% of R1ten & R2ten


An important part of concentrates involves micronutrient elements and vitamins which have an important role in the balance of animals’ food ration. Deficiency or lack of balance in animals’ food ration can create big problems for animals and farmers and considering this point Rezvan animal feed co. has decided to produce a product which have all these elements in exact amount, mixing correctly according to the percent of milk production in flock which is 100 kg in ton, naming them R1ten and R2ten.


Characteristics of concentrates:

- Providing all the micronutrients needed by flock

- Reduction of metabolic diseases and increase of flock life

-improving the quality of produced milk

- reduction of production cost

- reduction of balance fault and worker fault


For more information about mix, analysis and usage of R1ten click here and R2ten click here
Date of send: 6/7/2016