According to the increasing progress in the industry of animal sciences and animal feed and its important affect in the health of animal, existence of equipped laboratory and responsible quality control section has become one of the important requirements of this industry. These sections have been established by the aim of producing animal feed with best quality and high nutritional value. The laboratory and quality control section are equipped to lab tools and modern equipments for a complete analysis of raw materials and produced food.


Rezvan animal feed producer is one of the farmers of the province that has benefitted the experience of experts in animal science industry to achieve its aim which is producing product with high quality and for being successful in this goal has added analysis of produced food and determination of purity percent of raw materials to its program.


Capabilities of Rezvan animal feed laboratory:

Measuring purity percent of raw materials

Measuring fat and protein in produced food

Measuring fiber

Measuring humidity

Measuring TVN

Measuring calcium

Measuring phosphorus

Measuring ash

Measuring peroxide No.